How it all began

Kranman AB manufactures and sells trailers, machinery, accessories for ATV, forestry and construction equipment.

With over 15 years of experience in own development and manufacturing, was Kranman first in the world production of hydraulic cranes for ATVs. Today, the product range also forwarders, smaller tractor-trailers and construction accessories.
Thanks to own development department, we also offer solutions for special projects.

Kranman AB has a nationwide network of over 80 resellers in Sweden and the rest of Europe and Canada

We are constantly developing new products and is the given supplier for those who want quality, function and personal customer service.


1981 started Åke Johansson Remne Workshop Allservice. He has since been involved in the automotive and machine repairs and constructions of various machines.

1999 Åke made a small grapple loader to his boys, who suited their lawnmowers tractor. The boys and their friends thought it was fun to drive. Then he had an idea! He tested grapple loader on buns market with an electro-hydraulic motor and a timer. The kids got to drive in 3 min for 10 SEK, it proved popular. Then he made 7 grapple loader game machines by model RV10. Then Åke was out with the machines, he was often asked if he could make it bigger trailer to fit their ATVs. On the way it is.


Elmia Forest summer of 2001, he completed the first prototype. Prototype No. 2 was completed in August in connection with its establishment KRANMAN AB.

The prototypes were out of the customers who tested cranes in the forest. In the autumn of the same year serial production in time to grapple loader crane RMT-280. It turned out pretty soon that customers demand a driven trolley. After 4 months of development was the first trailer with 4WD Flexodrive finished. The trailer has been shown to be crucial for Kranman´s development. Now almost all trailer have Flexodrive 4WD. The premises soon became disdain and new facilities have been built. The company now has today 23 st of employees with a turnover of SEK 40 million.

In 2011, developed the Bison 6000 and premiered at Elmia Forest same year. First Bison delivered in early 2012 and since then we have supplied a machine in each week.

 Kranman AB